Predator Hunting Equipment

In the past 20 years we’ve tried everything that has anything to do with predator hunting at least once. We insist on using only the best equipment and products available. We are 100% confident that the products listed below will make you a more successful predator hunter.

Predator hunting conditions can be brutal, especially during the cold winter months. You need equipment that is going to perform every time, period!

Knowing EXACTLY where you are is extremely important in the field. OnXmaps has reduced the amount of time we spend looking at maps and increased the amount of time we spend calling coyotes. This is an extremely powerful tool for all kinds of hunting and recreation. It has been a key to our scouting and hunting success. To learn more about onXmaps click the above banner to visit their website.


Olympic ArmsOlympic Arms manufactures the finest AR-15 rifles available today. They have been leading the AR industry for years with inventive new ideas including being the first to introduce the Flat Top AR. This type of enginuity has continually provided the best AR-15 products to match shooters and sportsmen alike. Today Olympic Arms offering for hunters is unparalleled in the market. With calibers like the .223 WSSM, .243 WSSM, 300 OSSM, 22-250 and .204 Ruger there is literally nothing in North America you can’t take with your AR-15. To learn more about Olympic Arms visit their website


Vortex OpticsOptics are one of the most important elements to any hunt whether you’re pursuing predators or big game.  You can only perform in the field as well as your optics will let you.  January predator hunts in Montana at 20 below zero will certainly put all of your equipment including your optics to the test. Vortex offers the highest quality optics available today at a reasonable price.  They are as clear as any of their high dollar competitors with a warranty that is unmatched in the industry. To learn more about Vortex Optics visit their website


Berger BulletsAll of Berger’s varmint, target, and hunting rifle bullets are Match Grade. This means that they use only the highest quality copper and lead available in a process that is focused entirely on consistency rather than speed. All bullets are made on J4 Precision Jackets, which are widely recognized as having the best concentricity available (.0003 or less variation in wall thickness). They make all of their J4 Precision Jackets and Berger bullets on one set of dies to ensure the most consistent bullets possible. Consistency is the key to precision and accuracy, and Berger makes the most consistent bullets available – both from lot to lot and within given lots. To learn more about Berger visit their website


BOGgearPredators are very small targets and require precision and accuracy. When a coyote hangs up at 300 yards you need a steady rest you can rely on. A pounding heart can make an already difficult shot seem impossible. Nothing offers more stability in the field than the assortment of Boggear rests and shooting systems. They give us the ability to remain steady, regardless of the shot. To learn more about Boggear visit their website


GunwerksGunwerks is recognized as an innovator and industry leader when it comes to long range shooting. They are constantly well ahead of the curve with new technologies and ideas to make long range shooting easier and more effective. They offer a variety of calibers and configurations to choose from, including the 6XC which has quickly become our favorite long range cartridge for predators. If you’re in pushing the envelope and taking critters at long range look no further than Gunwerks. To learn more about Gunwerks visit their website


All Predator truly is the “Predator Calling Superstore”. They offer everything a predator hunter needs to be successful in the field. They provide exceptional products and excellent service. Their staff is extremely helpful and they know predator hunting. We highly recommend them for all of your predator hunting needs. To learn more about All Predator Calls visit their website


MagpulMagpul is recognized as the industry leader in aftermarket AR-15 accessories. Their innovation is unmatched and they continually prove it with their new offerings. At Predator Down we use the Magpul Precision Rifle Sniper Stock on all of our AR’s. It gives us the fit of a custom rifle that is easily adjustable for different shooters. If you are an AR enthusiast you have to check out what Magpul has to offer. To learn more about Magpul visit their website


S4 GearSolutions For Gear says it all! We’ve finally found the perfect binocular harness system in the S4 Lockdown. S4Gear makes outdoor stuff that gets noticed. Innovative, cutting-edge equipment that supplies an air of confidence to the outdoor enthusiast. S4Gear is based in Eugene, Oregon and was born in the woods. S4Gear is dedicated to providing superior quality, craftsmanship, and technically advanced products that meet the demands of nature and those who tame it. To learn more about S4Gear visit their website



Browning truly is “The Best There Is”. We have trusted Browning products for many years and they have contributed to our success hunting predators as well as other game animals. Every successful predator hunter should carry a shotgun and the Browning Maxus is a dream come true. When you call coyotes up close and personal the Maxus is their worst nightmare. To learn more about Browning visit their website