Wind, Friend or Foe?

Hunting Coyotes in the WindNothing is more near and dear to a die-hard predator hunter’s heart than a good wind. What I mean by a good wind is a wind that is in your favor when hunting. A good, favorable wind in my opinion could be described by any wind that will not disclose what you are or your location. Chances are if you [click to continue…]

When To Shoot? Coyote Hunting Tips

When to Shoot? Coyote Hunting TipsWe’ve all heard people talking about how they’ve shot a coyote at a thousand yards on a dead run. How they’ve had three coyotes come into their calls and bagged all three of them, and my favorite scenario is when the coyote came in so close that they didn’t [click to continue…]

Utah Youth Coyote Hunt (November 8, 2014)

Utah Youth Coyote HuntFriday night we scrambled to find all of our hunting gear for our third Utah Youth Coyote Hunt. I say scrambled because we just moved into a new house and we had a hard time finding everything we needed for the hunt. We loaded up and headed out. We had to make a stop at C.A.L. Ranch for some new camo pants [click to continue…]

Coyote Calling Contests Triple Crown

Coyote Calling Contest Triple CrownIt’s that time of year again. Time to make plans for the upcoming coyote calling contests. With the rise of the interest in predator calling across the nation, local coyote calling contests have also been on the rise. Despite the fact that local contests have taken some numbers from the major contests, the three major coyote calling contests [click to continue…]

The HUNT Advantage

The HUNT AdvantageI took advantage of “The HUNT Advantage” on my recent trip to Arizona over the Labor Day Weekend. After two years in Nevada, the World Coyote Calling Championship will be moving to Arizona this year and most of the state is foreign country to me so I had to get started on getting farmiliar with it. What better way than taking a long weekend [click to continue…]

Coyote Hunting TipsIn this episode of The Predator Down Podcast I interview Byron South from Coming to the Call. Byron has focused on making you a better coyote hunter and in this episode he shares many coyote hunting tips to do just that. Byron has been in the forefront of predator hunting for many years and has a very laid-back approach. As you listen to him and watch his videos you can’t help but, in his terms, “stay hooked”. Come enjoy another episode of the Predator Down Podcast where we continue to learn how to be better predator hunters.

2014 Carolina Coyote Classic

Carolina Coyote ClassicHey Carolina Coyote Hunters! The Carolina Coyote Classic is just around the corner.

The hunt dates are March 21st and 22nd, 2014. Weigh in’s are going to be held in Mt. Pleasant, NC. Tournament is open to North and South Carolina.

Prizes awared for Biggest Coyote and Most Coyotes. Biggest Coyote of the tournament will be awarded a Savage 22-250 Rifle w/Scope Package and a Sniper Hog Lights 66LR Rifle Light Package smacked on top of it.

Great prizes such as $425 Gift Certificate to Stuffy’s Taxidermy and Deer Processing towards ANY Taxidermy Mount, Charles Hubert Watch from MacPherson’s Diamonds & Designs, Predator Calls from Norris Merchandise, Cash Prizes, Door Prizes and more!

You can get more details at or go to the Carolina Coyote Classic’s Official facebook page at

Coyote Sounds with Randy AndersonIn this episode of The Predator Down Podcast I interview Randy Anderson from Calling All Coyotes. Randy has made a name for himself as one of the best for producing coyote sounds that bring in coyotes. He has been calling and hunting coyotes for more than 45 years. Sit back and learn from one of the veteran callers of the sport on how to howl up coyotes.

PD010 : Hunting GPS Maps with Matt Seidel

Hunting GPS MapsHave you ever been looking at a map and didn’t know exactly where you were or where exactly that wilderness area boundry was? What about that property line, did you just not quite know where it was or if you were still on public ground?  In this episode of The Predator Down Podcast we learn how we can know exactly where we are at. I talk with Matt Seidel of Hunting GPS Maps and we discuss the best options when choosing a [click to continue…]

Idaho Coyote Hunting Regulations

Idaho Fish and GameOfficial Regulations

Information for coyote hunting in Idaho can be found on the Idaho Fish & Game website.

Hunting License

You need a valid hunting licesnce to be able to hunt coyotes in Idaho. [click to continue…]